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Hello, by request here is the full transcript of of last nights chat room. You can get it either at Chatroll and see it page by page (13 pages) or in a Google Doc (2 pages), 1 & 2. Its rather long so you might need to hit Ctrl F to find what youre looking for!! Thanks for everyone who joined in last night, it was fun! Come back often!

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Feb 232010

***EDITED 3/3/10***





(Justin.TV Chat Room)


Hey everyone! Come back to this chat room regularly! Its normally accessed through our Forums. Join the forum community too!

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Feb 232010

Well Its finally arrived, theoretically all our questions weve ever wanted to ask to Andrew W.K. will be answered by tonight. At NYCs Santos Party House from the hours of 8PM EST – 10PM EST hell be taking questions from audience members and perhaps even a short performance? There are three things you can do to fully soak up this historical event:

1) Anticipate AndrewWKMusic.com to bring you full coverage of the event in the near future. We have a representative of OUR site there filming everything for you!!! Youll be able to archive it soon enough.

2) Watch the event LIVE tonight at Justin.TV. Sign up to join the chat room! See what time it is in New York right now, so you dont miss the show!

3) Starting at 7PM EST view the live blog from the same people whove done informative interviews of Andrew and his drummer Donald Tardy.

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Feb 222010

Watch the anticipated Ask Andrew W.K. Anything event LIVE tomorrow night at http://www.justin.tv/andrewwkofficial

Remember it will start NYC time: 8PM EST 10PM EST 2/23/10

Know what time this is for you so you dont miss it:




When you sign up at Justin.TV you can then join the chat room. Get some popcorn and soda pop & well all watch together while chatting! Im going to be in the chat room & its going to be fun!

Whos in?

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Feb 222010

Ok, I know this might be overkill but I got it in the mail today, and I had to do something with it! Click on thumb then right click to save as..

01 Cover 02 Back Cover 03 Liner

04 Liner 05 Side A 06 Side B

07 Cover with plastic

I think my scanner couldnt pick up the neon green color of this volcom sticker, cause it looks weird.

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Feb 192010

I thought it would be cool to go back in time to the Andrew of 2002 by reading these two interviews.

Allan Kemler from Crud Magazine circa 2002. Related articles 1 and 2

Some highlights:

Once in New York, he managed to circulate a few early demos among record labels and then promptly went on a tour of the East Coast where he assailed audiences with nothing more than a CD player, a keyboard and a microphone

Despite his utterly inexhaustible drive, the former gumball-machine salesmans path to success hasnt been a direct one.

After spending a few months in 1999 taking his one-man show to every Starbucks that would have him, W.K.s big break came when a friend of Dave Grohls forwarded the former Nirvana stickman a tape of the muscle bound Michiganer.

Grohl fell instantly in love with W.K.s glam, arena rock anthems and straightaway offered him the chance to open two gigs for the Foo Fighters at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. (This is probably what led to the rumour that W.K. was merely a beta-tester for Grohls new tunes.)

English audiences, meanwhile, received their first taste of W.K. via his Girls Own Juice and Party Til You Puke EPs on Bulb Records, released in 1999 and 2000, respectively. Around the same time, Island/Def Jam signed W.K. to a contract and he turned his attention toward putting together a full band.

In order to create the hammer-of-the-gods sound he longed to hear, W.K. enlisted death metal drummer, Donald D.T. Tardy, formerly of Obituary. To complete the line up, he added guitarist Jimmy Coup, formerly of Coup de Grace, bassist Gregg R. and guitarists E. Payne and Sergeant Frank.

Chris Nieraktos Interview also 2002.

Highlights: You just have to read it.

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Feb 072010

Theres been a lot of party vibes in the atmosphere this weekend. Perhaps its because today is my birthday. I didnt want to make plans for the weekend, but plans have come and gone and somehow appeared again for later today. So now I sit here with a full plate of partying in front of me and Ive got no choice but to chow down, partying hard all day before coming back for seconds. Could there be a better way to kick off a day of partying than sharing some rare Andrew W.K. tracks? I think not! So without further ado, please help yourselves to my party cake and click the links below!

AWK eating pizza

First, Id like to share the new Kiba single, imported directly from Japan. This release has three tracks by Marty Friedman, two of which feature Andrew W.K.! The first track is the single, sung in Japanese by Andrew. The second track, Battle Scars, does not feature Andrew W.K. (according to the id3 tags), but I wouldnt be surprised if he played the keyboards on it. Either way, Battle Scars is a heavy instrumental sure to get some fists pumping and parties partying. The final track on the single is an instrumental version of Kiba, also featuring Andrew W.K. With no vocals here, Im left to assume AWK plays keys on the song, but it could be all Marty. But either way, this song has strong party vibes and a beat that AWK enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. Check out the stereo panning on holy smokes, nearly everything! Ok, not everything, but theres a party going from left to right all over this single!

Kiba (2 disc)

For a second helping, you can grab Welcome & Congratulations, Andrews contribution to The Journal of Popular Noise (Issue 13). The Journal is a very interesting magazine, if one could even call it that. Inspired by both the traditions of pop music and magazines, the Journal challenges artists to conform to a strict structure while creating their own contributions to the zine. Each issue contains three 7 records beautifully held in what the Journal accurately describes as a finely crafted artifact. With respect for finely crafted artifacts, uploading this was a difficult decision, but one that Im ultimately happy making. Without a functioning scanner, I sadly wont be able to provide the graphs, charts, or pages of the magazine (but this does quell the guilt of making such an amazing artifact available). However, if you are interested in games, finely crafted artifacts, and Andrew W.K., this might be a record set youre interested in picking up yourself. More information is available directly from the Journal of Popular Noise. If you want to read what the magazine printed about Andrew W.K., that information is available here. My rip of Welcome & Congratulations contains the entire 7 record unlike the MySpace excerpt that has been floating around, so get to downloading and enjoy your award! Goodbye!

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Feb 052010

This song originally premiered on April 6, 2006 on a radio program called Jonesys Jukebox. The shows is based in L.A. and is hosted by Steve Jones, the guitar player for the Sex Pistols. The interview lasted 50 minutes and the song played 19 minutes into it. Andrew mentioned it was going to be on Close Calls, but it obviously was not put on the album. Also he said that this version was not finished and there would be more versions to follow. This show is archived on our interview page. The art work above was created by ME and this track was chosen to be placed on the bootleg demo of Close Calls With Brick Walls. Here is that track: Vagabond (Radio)

Universal Music Publishing Group put out a promo for Close Calls With Brick Walls. Thanks to Readytodie over at awkmedia.net (another great AWK resource) we have this track. Its actually the same as the one above (maybe slight differences??) but the sound quality is a bit better. Here is that track: Vagabond

Interestingly enough a NEW version of Vagabond also premiered on radio show called East Village Radio. It was ripped by the admin member here, Lex Leningrad Thanks Lex! This radio show lasted one hour and twenty minutes, and the songs starts about 15 minutes into it. This NEW version is most likely the same one that will appear on Mother of Mankind March 9th. Here is that track Vagabond

Vagabond will be released as a single on a 7 squared vinyl February 13, 2010. Well see if its the same or an alternate version February 13th!

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Feb 042010

I was sad to hear this morning from an AWK insider that the release date for Andrew W.K.s rarities CD has been pushed back to March 8th in UK/Europe and March 9th in the US. The original dates were for February 22nd in Europe and the 23rd in the U.S. Andrew confirmed this later today in a tweet. However, none of the sites that are currently selling his album have been updated yet, hopefully they dont get the message. :)

In the mean-time you can listen to previews of the tracks at the Amazon store.

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Feb 042010


AWKAndrew just finished an interview on New Yorks East Village Radio, here is a complete rip of the show! He discusses the upcoming releases, does some improv singing, shows some music he has been into recently, and general randomness.


-Lex Leningrad

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Feb 032010

A new admin member named GVOLTT  has really come through for us this time. We now have for your viewing pleasure, the full season of Your Friend, Andrew W.K.. Which is something Ive been trying to track down for about 1 1/2 years. They are .wmv files and the quality isnt the best but its still an awesome find, so thank you GVOLTT !!!

Quick note: He made perfect use of our new Archive Up-loader Tool where anyone can upload content easily!

Also Ive managed to grab every episode of Destroy Build Destroy thats aired so far. Supposedly there are six episodes of the second season but only four have aired. It looks like there is some sort of hiatus since early December on the last two episodes? These are .FLV files so you might need a .FLV player. But they are still pretty good quality.

We also have up Crashing With Andrew W.K.. A hilarious show about Andrew spending the week at an all girls college! Sadly its an one-episode-special that aired on MTV. Anyway we got em all up and running for you. ENJOY!

Crashing With Andrew W.K., Your Friend Andrew W.K., & Destroy Build Destroy can be found in the video archive section of this website.

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Feb 022010

This post is exactly what the title implies! Hit the full screen button below to see what in the heck Im doing, and go to the Archive page to accomplish the following:

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Feb 012010

Andrew W.K. isnt all we do around here check out some AWESOME art work and the novel Grease Trap by Andrew W.K. fan, Nick Sheehan. Get all the info your heart desires at the Grease Trap website. And now for your viewing pleasure.. enjoy the first installment:

Like what you saw? Subscribe!!! to the YouTube Channel. I did!

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Feb 012010

So you want 5 pages of stuff to download related to AWK? Thanks to kaiser soze you can! Tons of audio/video.

Drumdude has alerted us to a cover by Good Clean Fun entitled Dont Stop Living On The Edge there is a guy that talks over it the whole time which is super annoying but its still a cool thing have. Also hes ripped a track called Welcome & Congratulations. I cant remember what its from! YIKES! I think it was ripped from Myspace though

Luke has created some piano versions of Party Hard and Ready To Die which can also be found in the Fan Tracks section of this site. more fans should follow in this guys footsteps!

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