Jan 282010

On Friday, I ordered four releases by Andrew W.K. simultaneously, breaking my former record of Most Andrew W.K. Titles Ordered Simultaneously which stood strong at three. And though I did just want to gloat about my new personal best, I realized I could do so while reminding everyone about these (mostly) upcoming Andrew W.K. releases!

The Journal of Popular Noise (released)

Issues 13-15 (ft. AWK):
AWK appeared on this spoken word zine last spring/summer, but it went under the radar. Ill have my vinyl rips up for you when it arrives, but if you want to order, it was $18 with shipping to N. America.

Two discs & One disc

Kiba (Releases Jan. 27)

Id be content to pay ~$24 for a super rare Andrew W.K. sticker, so receiving the Kiba single and bonus DVD content from Andrew & Marty will be a blast!

Im A Vagabond (releases Feb. 14)

There are too many reasons to buy this one! Not only is it limited to 500 copies, but it will be on a square 7! When I first saw the art for this single, I laughed, but when a friend mentioned that AWK was wearing colored contacts, I got real scared. I looked again, and it appears my friend was right. Why is Andrew wearing colored contacts? Why are these songs published on BSM records and not Steev Mike since two tracks will be on Mother of Mankind? This release looks to be a vital clue in the mystery of crediting Steev Mike on AWK releases.

Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind (Releases Feb. 23)

Available around the world from various retailers, but Amazon is now selling pre-orders for $16.99. I was lucky and snagged my pre-order for $14.99. I almost didnt order this release because Ive already purchased CCWBW twice (Japanese CD w/ DVD & American vinyl), but I wouldnt have been able to break my AWK buying record without CCWBW/MoM. [Wait, maybe I should count my record at five instead of four due to the double release!?]

January is almost over and Kiba is almost here! Soonafter, Im a Vagabond will be released, and before we know it, well be able to have Close Calls With Brick Walls & Mother of Mankind blasting through our stereos. Prepare to party, pre-order what you want before its too late! And until then, party hard anyway!

Dont ever stop the noise,

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Jan 262010

Buy more Andrew WK merchandise in our shop!

Fitted T Shirt (Front) $23.99 Mens Fitted (Back) (This is Everythingquote)
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Jan 252010

OK, for all 35 of you who downloaded it the first time your going to want to do it again cause this is THAT good! A new rip by cathead has given us a gift! High quality vinyl rip of > We Got A Groove [Split] (PASSWORD = whatdowewant)

I personally love this song! Ive had it on repeat all day! You cant beat reggae AWK! Thank you cathead !!!

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Jan 242010

Tonight we are happy to present another submission by a fan. Devfuzz was just a onlooker until he decided to be a part of the team and build this whole crazy thing up. Also the formatting was a perfect example of an ideal submission. Meaning it had great itunes id tags, 320 Kbps MP3 rips, scanned art, and a .txt file with lyrics. Check it out to see what Im talking about. Download the album here > Kiseki Single


  1. Kiseki
  2. Kiseki (Karaoke Version)
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Jan 222010

Guinness World Records holder for longest live piano performance Chilly Gonzales will be playing at Joes Pub every Thursday in February with special guest Andrew W.K. on the 11th February.

Price per seat is $15 and you can get your tickets here.

If you havent seen it already then click here to check out a video of Gonzales challenging Andrew W.K. to a Piano battle played on the 15th September 2009 at Joes Pub.

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Jan 212010

Nowhere else but here

Exclusive releases from Andrew WK Music.Com

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Andrew WK We Got A Groove is BY FAR the top search in Google that leads You to us.  Weve heard your call and so we are answering!

First thing I should do is apologize for the quality of the We Got A Groove track. Its source wasnt necessarily from an AWK fan, so lets just say he was  doing a BIG favor for us in the first place. Since beggars cant be choosers this should at least get you through till next month when the track appears crystal clear on Mother of Mankind. Ironically Side B (Prophetic Visions Of The Coming End Times by The Riverboat Gamblers) is great quality and a great song! So for everyone that cant wait till next month, ask yourself do I got the groove? > We Got A Groove [Split] PASSWORD: whatdowewant


Party Til You Puke is an incredible EP. So we are retiring the old awkshare.com rips with NEW and IMPROVED high quality rips of the vinyl. You should all thank AmigoWK for this incredible rip. The difference between the two will become most obvious on the track I Want To Kill. Its no longer in mono but in stereo! + The whole album is in 320kbps!!! All this time you were listening to it in mono, ha!

Upon partying then puking to the vinyl of Party Til You Puke youll notice some of the tracks are a little bit different than the CD version. Their basically chopped down in order for it to fit onto the vinyl. Hence the importance for collectors to have this digitally. We hope you enjoy these alternate tracks! -> Party Til You Puke [EP] (Vinyl)

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Jan 212010

NormanRecords has put up a limited edition square shaped 7 vinyl single for Mother Of Mankinds track Im A Vagabond. The singles tracklisting is the following:

  1. Im A Vagabond
  2. Doing Andrew W.K.
  3. Lets Go On A Date

There are only 500 copies available worldwide so make sure you get your copy before they are all sold out. As NormanRecords states on its page for the single This single is a future collectors item and a must-have for all fans. The single will be released sometime in February with no current official date.

It will be released February 14th, 2010, pre-order your copy here.

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Jan 212010


Since our Become Admin post weve had 3 excited members join our admin team. AmigoWK, LewisSO, and lexleningrad all have unique talents to offer, so YOU can benefit. You can see every specific posts by them in a new tab called Admin Member Posts on the < left sidebar. Also, to distinguish post from their authors you can see at the bottom of each post is the authors name.  REMEMBER YOU TO CAN BECOME ADMIN JUST AS EASILY! Now check out our first admin post by AmigoWK!!!


I didnt create this, but I did stumble across it while searching for some new chiptunes. Obviously AWKs wall of sound cant be recreated in 8-bit, but whomever made this cover created a very fair interpretation that still makes me want to fist pump and destroy things.

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Jan 202010

Nowhere else but here

Exclusive releases from Andrew WK Music.Com

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We Got A Groove [Split] & Party Til You Puke Vinyl Rips

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Jan 172010



Because this is an exclusive release from Andrew W.K. Music.com youll need this password to gain access to the download: whatdowewant without the quotations.


A number of things need to be cleared up about the history and the distribution of this ambiguous album. Two things to clarify right away is one, the above album art is in no way official. It was created by ME -dickalan. And two, THIS RELEASE of the album is  a NEW source of the Masters ripped at 160kbps. Well get to why thats important later.

The History

Our sources for the history of this album mainly come from two separate places. 1) A recent interview (1/14/10) with Andrews old drummer Donald Tardy who happens to be the same Metal drummer for the band Obituary. This interview has filled in MANY missing gaps and confirmed many thoughts throughout the years! 2) An OLD Bulb Records web page that has since been dismantled but can still be accessed through archive.org. Well start from the beginning but in short this is the album that led to Andrew landing an Island Records deal and putting together a backing band.

In 1999-ish Andrew W.K. created songs that eventually were released at the end of 2000 on Bulb Records. They were put out on two EPs; AWKGOJ & Party Til You Puke came out between the months of September & October. In the duration of the year 2000 Andrew also started working, creating, and recording more tracks in preparation for a full length LP release entitled We Want Fun. This was meant to be released January 2001, again on Bulb Records. This release never happened due to Andrews previous actions that year.

Instead of sitting on these tracks after they were recorded, he started distributing them to everyone he could. He called these 12 tracks on a CD-R his Demo. Somehow his Demo ended up in the hands and peaked the interest of Island Def Jam Records. Upon serious interest in signing Andrew, he quickly sent out his Demo again to many artists. One of which being his favorite drummer, Donald Tardy of Obituary. Donald LOVED the demo and basically put the rest of the band together for Andrew. Andrew was soon signed to Island, he had a full band, the Bulb release was canceled, and he re-recorded the We Want Fun LP. Some of the songs ended up on I Get Wet, some ended up on The Wolf and two remain exclusive to the demo.

The Distribution

For a number of years this album was passed around to hard-core underground fans. Its source was obviously copies or originals of the CD-R Andrew made and distributed personally. It finally became available to the public April 9, 2006 for a short time in an official forums thread. The link was removed shortly after by the author. It was posted by readytodie a moderator but the actual source who gave him the tracks wished to remain anonymous, and still is to this day. THAT release is what has been available on the internet in various places up until this time. Although this releases fidelity said 320kbps it obviously was not. Being much worse than even 128kbps the sound was much quieter than a normal CD and there were multiple tracks that had skipping in them. Although this was the FIRST release & the tracks were AWESOME to have, the quality was under par. THOSE tracks are available to download in the We Want Fun Demo page of this site.

The exception to this were four tracks posted at the Andrew W.K. Official Web Site. When navigating to the Music section, and upon listening to the Singles Tear It Up, Your Rules, She Is Beautiful, and Party Hard youll find that the tracks that play arent actually the tracks from those singles, but are the WE WANT FUN tracks. The hacked into website tracks revealed they were 128kbps in fidelity, which was the best quality available up until this time. But again, it was only four tracks and not the full album. Those four tracks have been available to download for some time on the We Want Fun Demo Page of this site.

NOW, Andrew WK Music.com is proud to be releasing this ultra rare album from NEW sourced Masters ripped at 160kbps. Which includes the full album in the highest quality and with no skipping, to date. Theyre even better than the official website tracks!

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Jan 162010

*Special Post*

Welcome to our very special Warped Tour post! I dont know how many of our readers have ever been to an Andrew W.K. concert, but its unlike any event youll ever experience. Dont take our word for it listen to what fans thought of the Richards on Richards concert back in 2002!

If you live in the US there is a good chance Andrew will be coming to YOUR home town (you can buy tickets now!). But dont worry if you dont live there. Because Andrew has just stated in a recent interview that hes trying to put out a NEW rock n roll CD this year, with a subsequent world wide tour!

June 24th will kick off Warped Tour 2010 in San Diego, CA. Its been since 2004 most Americans have seen Andrew W.K. with a full backed band. As the anticipation rises we can prepare for our hero to take the stage by getting our muscles loose, getting wet, buying the 1st exclusive AWK warped tour 2010 t shirt, and downloading a TON of free concerts! Cause its Music Or Die!!!

1) Buy the first Andrew W.K. 2010 Warped Tour T Shirt:

(The cheaper version DOES NOT have the tour dates on the backside-just the front picture)

2) Download a TON of concerts on our Concert Page:

We thank Sonicices (a member of the official forums) for having these concerts backed up and contributing them (and awkshare.com originally) so YOU can bang your head to these newly added FULL concerts:

  1. Shibuya Club Quattro Breakingdoors-Tokyo Japan 5-16-02
  2. OzzFest-Clarkson, MI 8-8-02
  3. Richards on Richards-Vancouver, BC 10-6-02
  4. Club Phoenix-London, ON 10-08-02
  5. Clutch Cargos-Pontiac,MI 10-24-02
  6. The Masquerade-Atlanta 1-18-03
  7. Japan Wolf Tour-Zepp, Tokyo 12-13-03
  8. Zydeco-Birmingham, Alabama 5-31-04
  9. 1st Day of School Party at USC-Los Angeles, CA 2004

My personal favorite concerts out of the 19 we have up is the Club Quattro series, from Japan. They were originally bootlegs that were sold titled Hey You Lets Party and Breaking Doors. The sound is AWESOME, the fans are LOUD, and the energy is UNDENIABLE. Heres what those two album covers look like:

Nowhere else but here

Exclusive releases from Andrew WK Music.Com

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Jan 152010

So if you were planning on buying it anyway why not get it here? You can buy Andrew WK merch in our Shop securely and easily. Our Andrew WK merchandise includes custom t shirts and a NEW AWK ONLY, Amazon store.

The big item right now everyone is waiting for is the new Close Calls With Brick Walls / Mother of Mankind CD. Its released February 23rd but you can pre-order it now for only $14!!! So click through the images below all the way to check out! You win, we win, we all win! The same goes for the rest of the Shopping pages! Thanks for letting us make this shameless plug :-)

Pre-Order Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind 2 Discs, out February 23rd:

Visit the rest of our NEW Amazon shop:

And finally visit the entire andrewwkmusic.com/shop page:

P.S. The track thats pretty much yet to be heard, We Got A Groove [Split] is coming soon!

Nowhere else but here exclusive releases from Andrew WK Music.Com.

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