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Less clutter and more content! was the goal of our renovation. Though it may look like theres less stuff around, theres actually more features and content than EVER! Youll notice the top navigation bar has been heavily condensed. Its also been made easier to navigate the site, allowing you to know what section youre actually viewing (blog, archives, tools, etc.). Also, many of the side-bars were removed and placed in the main navigation bar to remove the clutter it was creating.

Weve removed the traditional forums and replaced it with a community that acts more like a social-network. This approach is more integrated within the site itself and will allow a site-wide login, a personal profile and you will get exclusive access to all the areas of the site (except the store). This helps the site have a more consistent feel.

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With your new membership you can add to the Media Archives in a more personal way by sharing your photos in our NEW Photo section.

Probably the most noticeably overhauled section is our Shop. There youll find custom Andrew WK merch you can purchase. In turn this enables us to re-invest in purchasing MORE rare AWK content and adding it to the Media Archives section, which is free! The fully functioning store is now in-house and includes a shopping-cart and a secure checkout process. Due to the sensitive data entered while making online purchases you must also create an account at our shop, separate from your personal membership account.

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Dec 092010

We’ve been doing some major changing to the structure of the website recently which has left the doors open to bots registering and leaving spam in our news posts. Those affected the most adversely are those who subscribe to our Email and RSS subscriptions (since they’re the ones bombarded). We apologize and hope you forgive us! Please be patient as we get things under control.
dickalan (webmaster)

oh and PARTY HARD!

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Dec 082010

We tried to rope our old pal Andrew W.K. into doing the original Undercover series, but our schedules didnt quite mesh. Were making up for that with two Holiday Undercover appearances the second, which features a very special guest, will air tomorrow. Here, youll see Andrew deliver a beautiful, harrowing solo rendition of Silent Night, a classic that dates back to about 1816: Andrew tells us its one of his favorite songs of all time. What else has Mr. W.K. been up to lately? Oh man, you can see him on the Cartoon Network show Destroy Build Destroy, as well as on tour. His sorta-lost definite-classic Close Calls With Brick Walls was recently issued in America, packed together with the rarities compilation Mother Of Mankind. Add it to your wish list, and tune in tomorrow for Andrew, Part 2!

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Dec 042010

Happy Birthday to us! was launched one year ago today! 12-04-2009. Weve accomplished a lot in the past year and weve made many friends a long the way. A fan site couldnt survive without fans, so we thank you! We mean this quite literally. Weve had the next years worth of hosting payed for ($120!!!) by generous administrators, fans, avid readers and partners. Lets look back on the year to see what weve accomplished shall we?

Original Website

Today we thought it would be fun to re-open the archives to show just how far weve come. Some may not know this but started out using the Google Sites web-service. For those that have been around since the beginning, they will remember that its life span was about 6 months old until we shut it down and migrated here 1 year ago. So for the first time since then here is how the original website looked in its entirety as a primitive website to this one on the day we shut it down:


To date we have 67 Facebook friends, 258 Twitter followers. We average 35 subscribers to either our RSS or Email subscriptions. People came to our site 16, 216 times and 11, 215 were unique visitors. We had a record breaking 1,735 visits to our site occur in one day on October 5, 2010. By far the top page visited was our news section (what youre reading right now). 97 different countries visited the site, the top ten being:

  1. United States 10,577
  2. United Kingdom 1,704
  3. Canada 939
  4. Sweden 387
  5. Australia 348
  6. Netherlands 320
  7. Germany 227
  8. Italy 182
  9. France 168
  10. Japan 112

(the number is the amount of visits)


To see an exhausted amount statistics view this .pdf file.

Highlights of the Year:

  • We have earned countless endorsements from Andrew himself.
  • We conducted exclusive interviews of Sgt. Frank and Rich Russo from the AWK band.
  • We discovered and re-released new sourced masters of the We Want Fun LP.
  • We re-released a 04/05 documentary entitled Meeting The Band.
  • We had our very own videographer recorded the historical Ask Andrew W.K. Anything event held in New York City.
  • We made available for the first time countless mp3s, Promos, Singles, bootlegs, b-sides, live concerts, and extremely old and rare music from related bands.
  • We found and archived the Your Friend Andrew W.K. TV show.
  • We documented countless AWK news related stories and events.

Site Development

I dickalan (the webmaster here) became a fan of Andrew W.K. during the Jackass era of Andrew W.K.s career. It was 2005 when I finally became involved in the fan scene and from about 2005 to 2007 I grew increasingly more active as a member of the official AWK forums. Over those years, due to some of Andrew W.K.s legal issues and career choices I saw many loyal fans drop out of the scene because of their disappointment in whatever. It left many of the original I Get Wet era and The Wolf era fans MIA. Ironically, and for whatever reason, this is when I really increased my involvement there and have continued to increase it up until this present day.

Although the official forums were and still are a great source of information and its a relatively friendly community, over time I became dissatisfied with the members sentiments of only talking about AWK. I felt like this was in contrast to the older fans motives. So being inspired by them and rather than complain about the current members un-willingness to take productive actions, I couldnt stand it any longer and I decided to take action! For instance, by 2009 many fan sites including and had been shut down recently or had already been closed for a number of years. This is when I saw the need to fill the role, so I filled it.

However, there were definitely more qualified AWK fans at the time, especially in regards to being experts on various AWK subjects. Also, I knew absolutely nothing about website development. Despite this on June 11, 2009 at 5:39 AM I launched on the Google Sites service. Being a free and incredibly basic web content management system it was the perfect platform for me to learn the ins-and-outs of web design on. After awhile I began to see the many limitations of this platform and probably so did the visitors while comparing it to more modern websites. I searched patiently for months in hopes to eventually graduate the site. Six months from its launch date we closed up shop Dec 7, 2009 @ 1:26 PM and we opened up, December 4, 2009 @ 11:43 AM. For the past year our old Google Site address has been re-directing traffic here. But for nostalgia purposes weve backed-up that site to how it appeared 1 1/2 years ago. For the first time since then you can check it out in its entirety here: Its funny to see how far weve come! Overnight we even earned acclamations from Andrew himself. We now enjoy a much more robust website, with many features.

The Future

As you may or may not have noticed the website has continually morphed through subtle changes. Recently weve re-structured the website to accommodate its ever expanding content, with simplicity. Were happy with the new structure and believe it to be easier to access certain areas of the websiteand know exactly where you are at . Were currently contemplating many new ideas to apply to the website, including a fully functioning social network and a member only platform in accessing the site.

New content is obviously expected and the admins have high hopes in tons of great content throughout 2011!!! Thanks for visiting, come back often and spread the word!!!

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Dec 022010

RE-POSTED FROM: Interview – Aleister X and Andrew WK | Culturedeluxe.

Published December 2nd, 2010
Words: Adam Gibby

Aleister X is the new protégé of Andrew WK after being signed to his Steev Mike label. Born in Goa to Brit ex-pats and currently dividing his time between Kingston, Brooklyn and Tokyo it’s fair to say that he brings quite an interesting history to the music. You can check out Aleister on his myspace and if you like what you hear then his latest release, ‘The Git’ EP is now available on iTunes. In this exclusive interview Adam Gibby chats to Aleister X and Andrew WK about their working relationship, meeting at a lighting shop and the quest to find a booking agent.

How did the two of you come to be working together?

Umm, through ‘Wicked Wicks’ really. Well the same guy who, in a way, I would say discovered me in New York, this guy SS (Spencer Sweeney), that’s who I first heard the music from. I was hanging out at his house one day and it’s the same guy, Spencer, who’s co-owner of Santos Party House, a club in New York that we opened and he’s always a go to guy for me when it comes to finding out about mind-blowing stuff. He’s always finding out about it on his own or in touch with it. Anyway, I was over at his house and he was playing this music and it got to the point where I really couldn’t concentrate on anything else except this music and I had to know all about it and ask him all about it and he didn’t know much about it himself but he gave me the disc. At that moment it was almost like a prophetic vision, that I could just tell this was going to become a big part of my life. This Aleister guy or this music or whatever it was and it did so…

It was just Aleister then.

Andrew: Yeah it was before the X came right?

Aleister: Yes, ‘Wicked Wicks’ was five tracks on the CD-R or it might even have been a cassette and then we met at the first show.

Andrew: No, I met you on the street at a lighting store. No, no the first time was at the show, the first time was when we played together. That might have been the second time we met eachother, the lighting shop. The first time was when I played in the band. That’s funny too because a lot of my band members, the first time I met ever them was when we were filming a music video so sometimes you meet people in situations where you normally think you’d be well acquainted. I had learned all of his songs from listening to the music and actually met Aleister at this concert where we played with a four-piece band, in New York.

Do you two have a very hands on relationship or do you just come together as and when?

Aleister: Well I sort of do my demos, I record them at my place and then I take them to Andrew and when we can get together it’s at his studio and then a lot of things happen and it kind of clicked magically. It’s really quite amazing, isn’t it Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah, you always hope that you click with people. I guess I never doubted that. I was working on a video for one of those early tracks from ‘Wicked Wicks’, that EP that we’ve been talking about, there’s a video on YouTube for it, ‘Super Creep’. That was the first music I had heard and I just wanted to dive in to it and just be a part of it and fortunately Aleister was kind enough to let me and he was very open minded. But the reason why it was so exciting to work with him isn’t what he lets me do as much as what he comes up with that I get to learn from. I mean just incredible vocal phasing, incredible melody lines and a world of feelings and ideas. His songs paint pictures in my head that really no other music has and it’s a world that I just wanted to live in.

Aleister: Well it’s been the longest relationship musically and artistically as well for me. I’ve never really worked with anyone in terms of producing or recording or anything. I’ve done it all myself and working with Andrew, working with someone who immediately understands what I want to do, what I’d like to do, what I’m doing and then what he does is just immediately beyond what I could imagine it could be and then together it’s just like the first production partnership I’ve had.

I’d just like to add real quick, I mean he’s described it very well there and there have been times of almost psychic bonding for sure and it’s very refreshing for me because it’s totally a different vibe. It’s nothing to do with what I’d normally work on. So, for myself, it’s a real nice change of pace to work with someone who is wearing black most of the time for example and at first that can seem kind of eerie but it really is powerful. The head space and the feelings that Aleister gets involved and what he does.

Aleister: It’s all in the eyes; it’s all in the eyes.

Andrew: It really is. It’s these beautiful eyes and there’s a lot to be seen with them and through them.

And it’s been a real laugh.

How would you both describe the music?

Well I mean there’s so much variety so for me it’s the voice. The music is this guy’s voice and what the voice was saying and the music is there to drive the point home or pump it up or frame it nicely. To me it’s definitely a signature sound which has all emanated from this guy’s mind.

It’s a bit all over the place. Maybe if I could describe it musically it would be all over the place of music that sounds good, that I like to hear or that I’d like people to hear. I want it to move people and really make them move or just sit still and not move as long as there are heavy feelings.

Yes, it can be so moving that you can’t even move.

Aleister: Completely motionless sound or non-stop motion, preferably both at the same time but it doesn’t always happen.

How do you set about writing your songs? Is there a particular way you go about it with the beat first or the guitars?

Aleister: Oh yeah, I start with the beat, get all my beats going, or just one beat and then get bass tracks and I basically just build it like that. A bit of bass and then maybe synths or guitars and then I get a skeleton track and start writing the vocals. It’s all very ‘I’ve got an idea’. It’s all very planned, very meticulous, very editorial, very ongoing. So I get the song and start adding things.

What does Andrew bring to the songs with his production?

Just amazingness really. Pretty much just mind-blowing amazingness and virtual insanity and intensity and deeper emotional levels.

Andrew: That’s very kind of you to say, Aleister. I didn’t pay him to say that. I just try to make the best of what’s there always. It’s mainly mixing I mean there’s times when we’ll over dub stuff and I’ll play something here, or we’ll get SS on track.

You just bring your amazing ears and your hearing.

And MacMall might pop in on guitar, he’s worked with Aleister for a while now.

He’s not on any of the tracks though. All the guitars is me.

Oh yeah. How long has he been playing live now?

Aleister: Umm, he’s been on the live shows since earlier this year, like January, the beginning of the year really.

But yeah, for me it’s always really about the mixing so whatever Aleister brings in…

You’re just amazing at editing; you’re like a total God. You’ve put me on a whole other track as a producer myself I’ve learned so much working with you.

That’s very kind thank you. And right back at you.

Aleister: Remember the terrible tracks I’d bring to you at the beginning.

Well it’s come a long way. How long has it been now that we’ve been working together? Since 2005?

Aleister: Yeah 2005/2006. So four or five years.

‘The Git’ EP came out a few weeks ago now. How has it been received?

Aleister: I don’t know really. I mean a handful of people have received it and I think they’ve received it well. It’s really hard to say. I’m really hoping to see just some good old fashioned reviews, music reviews. I’ve seen a lot of press release copies so it’s really hard to say, we’ll just have to wait maybe. Maybe wait it out.

Andrew, how different a feeling is it releasing someone else’s music instead of your own?

Andrew: It’s a very good one. It’s the opportunity to just do more. At the same time it doesn’t really feel like a big choice for me so much, it’s the same reason that I do anything, whether it’s Andrew WK or anything else. It’s just what it feels like I was born to do. These things just come in to your life and to not do them would almost take more effort. It would be less natural or harder. When something’s meant to be it just becomes very streamlined so it all feels just part of the life you’re living and I have a variety of activities but they’re all related and that’s a very organic and natural desire to do that stuff. I mean there’s no-one else in the world I’d rather be working with than Aleister X so it’s very satisfying and exciting doing that but at the same time there’s nothing else that I’d rather be doing than just about anything else. So I’ve just been very grateful for the opportunity to be challenged, to be rewarded, to work on something meaningful and to contribute whatever skills I have to a vision that I really believe in. I really believe in this music and what Aleister’s doing and I’m confident that others will as well.

You’ve got plans for a third EP and then an album after that, is that right?

Aleister: Yep, that’s the plan.

Andrew: Yeah, we’ve been building it up and this is the first time that I’ve ever been involved with anything like this in terms of a label of this sort. Running a record label has been a lot more strange than I had anticipated for a lot of different reasons. With some folks that I had chosen to work with before in my career things got a bit complicated there so when I started this label first I had to change the name and reorder the sub-structure of the company but it all worked out and we can still release the music and it’s very exciting to imagine finally getting to that eventual album because it really will be quite a body of work at that point.

Aleister: I think the full length will be the one to look out for. Not to say that the EPs are bad, I think each one is the best thing I’ve ever done but the full length is really the one that I’m the most excited about.

Likewise and for many reasons we feel that getting there through these three EPs is a good thing.

Aleister: Yeah, I’m very excited about ‘The Git’ right now.

Me too. What’s been really nice is that each one of my closest friends who I respect, my peers whose opinions have mattered to me going back ten years now, people that have had a huge part in shaping my creative outlook on the world have all been blown away by Aleister and what he’s doing and that to me is the only kind of encouragement I’ve required so far to believe in this and get it from obscurity to a more visible state. I think it’s just one of those things; it’s dark and it’s intense and it’s powerful but it’s also full of a lot of joy and I think people are finding that.

Aleister: Hopefully some people from booking agencies will discover it as well. If some booking agencies want to get behind a new upstart I’m the one. Aleister X.

Do you prefer to be on stage or do you prefer writing and recording in the studio?

Aleister: I love it all. I love being on stage, I love performing live. I love recording music, I love being in the studio. I’m working on demos, I’m writing all the time, I just love it all equally.

Andrew: And that fact is what appealed to me so much, especially upon meeting Aleister is that he could do it all. He had every facet of his vision there and had the capabilities to do it. I mean he could write a song, he could sing it, he could play all the instruments, he could make the album artwork, he could make a video, he could perform really well, he had an amazing look and presence in general. When I’m encountered with something like that that’s just as exciting as it gets because again, it just seems so obvious that someone is doing what they were born to do.

Will you continue to work together throughout your careers or will you go off and do your own things and then maybe get back together in the future?

Andrew: That’s an interesting question. I mean this is already the longest collaboration I’ve ever had with another musician, it really is, and I’d actually never realised that until just now. I’ve normally worked with people for one release and then occasionally worked with them again. I have friends that I’ve worked with over the years, just playing around, jamming, practicing, whatever but as far as a focused, specified, musical project this is the longest.

We’re locked in. We’re locked in for three (EP) and one (album)

Andrew: We’re locked in for a long while more for sure. I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t keep going.

Aleister: Me neither.

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Nov 152010

For awhile now Ive been trying to figure out the BEST method of a photo section. Though Im not completely satisfied with it, Ive added a Photo section that you can navigate to from the navigation bar above. ANYBODY can register and add their own photos. Sections include: Events, Live Concerts, Messages From Andrew, You & Andrew, and Your Merchandise & Collection. Holly from the old Dont Stop The Noise fan site generously contributed photos for the Most Interesting Show In The World concert. Check it out!

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Nov 042010

Its about the music, its always been about the music, it will always be about the music. Cause Its Music or Die!

Music or Die!


I Finally Came! (Came!)
Cause I’m Coming Around! (Around!)
Don’t Get In My Way (Way!)
‘Cause I Never Let Down’ (Down!)
We Know What You Do! (What You Do!)
We Heard All Your Lies! (The Lies!)
You Got No Chance Now! (Now!)
It’s Music Or Die! (Or Die!)
Music Or Die! Music Or Die! Music Or Die!
It’s Our Time To Rule! (To Rule!)
And It’s Your Time To Cry! (Your Time To Cry)
You Got No Chance Now! (Music Or Die!)
Cause It’s Music Or Die!
Music Or Die! Music Or Die! Music Or Die! Yeah!

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Oct 302010

Nothing new here content wise, but new to me and probably most others. I knew this came out around 3-27-2007, but I didnt know there was an actual [Promo] CD that was released. It had two tracks; the Fun Night remake entitled It Just Got Hotter and You Will Remember Tonight from the CCWBW album. An interesting note is that the idtags initially?labeled?You Will Remember Tonight as Whatever This Is Called, obviously whoever authored the CD had no idea who Andrew W.K. was. I dont really know much about the story behind this release but my guess is that it was just handed out at this event for free and was?sponsored?by the various companies on the back .?Its unfortunate that collectors have to pay for this stuff.?Download this Promo!

There was an advert clip thats been posted on Youtube about this:

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Oct 272010

By popular request, its been re-seeded! (for the 5 of you whove been asking)

Back in 2005 before I ever planned on sharing this with anybody I downloaded a lot of the video content from I then preceded to make a DVD of the videos. If I was smart I would have just made a Data disc DVD but instead I actually authored a whole disc. Remember I made this for myself. So its complete with crappy menus and everything. However, it should have the videos that appeared on AWKShare in the exact quality as they originally appeared (usually when you rip video to an AVI format the quality suffers a bit). SO ENJOY!


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Oct 102010


On a Sunday evening in September  Rich Russo  was kind enough to take more than an hour out of his night to talk to and a dweeby fan, me.  Thanks Mr. Russo!

Im the plain text, Rich Russo is the indented grey text.

Rich Russo The Drummer For The AWK Band

Thanks for doing this I appreciate it. I know you’re a busy guy and it means a lot that you’re willing to take the time to sit down and do this.

No, it’s my pleasure.

Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into the AWK band, I know you’ve probably spent a lot of hours of your life that you’ve put into it, your sweat and blood and everything, and I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of the fans by just saying we appreciate all the work you do.

Well that’s pretty cool.

The community I’m a part of, I kind of just started thinking about this with a couple of fans and we realized that we know a lot about Andrew but we didn’t know a lot about the band members so I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and chat with you guys, just to get to know YOU and your experiences with everything. Obviously it’s surrounded by the subject of Andrew W.K.

Yeah, alright.

Some of these questions are ones I thought of and some are submitted by other people too. Where are you right now in the world?

I’m at home in the Tampa area of Florida, I’m in a smaller city called Brandon

What do some of your close friends and family think of you being in such a big band?

Well they support me and think it’s great, they ask a lot of questions and of course a lot of times there’s not a lot of answers. As far as the word “big”, Andrew W.K. is not a household name as of yet. You know? Nine times out of ten people ask “who do you play for”? and I tell them and they go “Oh, I’ve never heard of him”. And that doesn’t mean anything because there is so many people on this planet and there is so many musicians out there. But the people that do know Andrew and love him, they love him to death and you really only know about him if you’re into that kind of music, rock ‘n roll, or if you tune into MTV, VH1, Cartoon Network, you know certain things. I think that maybe this year, well this year kind of put us back on the map. You know you have Andrew W.K. as a personality and then we always refer to AWK as like the band entity, so this is sort of a resurgence of AWK. At least when we started touring earlier this year with South by Southwest that kind of opened some doors for things to come.

Right you make a good point. I guess it’s relative, the term “big”. I know when he was on MTV

And by no means am I putting him down

Right, on MTV in 2002he was definitely probably more of a household name then he is now but he was one of the headlines of Warped Tour so, like you said, I think that would put his name back on the map again.

For the last few years its been a lot of solo gigs, speaking engagements and those kinda things. And you know, all us band guys, and girls, are happy to be out there doing it again because to be honest with you, he doesnt really require a band to be successful so were fortunate and thankful to be along for the ride, as we have been for all these years.

Cool. From 2006 to 2009, the AWK band was on hiatus. What did you do during that time?

I did some drum tech gigs, and I can sorta answer one of your other questions without you asking it, how did i get involved with Andrew. I went out with them on the very first tour as the drum tech. So when it came to downtime with us not touring, that was my other avenue to make money, as well as playing local gigs in my home town. I havent worked with any other bigger bands, as far as playing goes, but hopefully that will come.

I know you were involved with the Mike Pachelli album, is that right?

Yeah, are you familiar with that?

Ive listened to it. I don’t know a lot about it but I have listened to it.

Yeah, I guess youre referring to the one we did with Andrew?


Well Mike Pachelli was pretty much my first professional gig once i got out of the navy in 1992. I hooked up with Mike Pachelli and he has been a local big-name. He had a television show that ran for a lot of years before I worked with him, The Mike Pachelli Show. It was a video show that aired on Friday and Saturday nights, and his live band would play between videos and commercials, and they would have guests and give-a-ways. Ive done, I think, at least 5 records with him. So that album Electricite was a follow-up record to one I did with him prior to that called Noise Travels, which was just a guitar, bass and drums trio. And when we did the second one, he said he wanted to add an organ player, so I said well why don’t we add a piano? That album is more like a 67 Miles Davis kind of feel. Instead of a horn player, Mike played a lot of the leads on guitar that resembled a trumpet. Andrew did a fantastic job, sort of like [???] and Herbie Hancock. We didnt go into it to try to copy any artist, or say to Andrew can you play like Herbie, but that kind of feel came out. It was an unrehearsed, improv album. I really enjoyed doing that. Im trying to think when we did that. It was around that time when Andrew started working with a lot of artists and producing and stuff.

Can you explain more about the transition from being the drum tech into being the full-time drummer?

Its kind of funny how it all worked out. The first drummer Donald Tardy was a high-school friend of mine and we lived like one street apart. And he was one of the guys that helped me get into drumming, I would go hang out with him and play on his kit, until I finally got my own. Later down the road he called me up and explained what Andrew was all about. He said we have a tour coming up and Id like to use you as my drum tech. At that point I didnt know that there were these roadies and techs who would set up stuff for you, I always thought you did it yourself, cos that’s what I did in clubs. We hit the road in January 2002. I was a newbie when it came to touring. Donald had been touring for years with his band Obituary. We all thought we were only doing this one month tour in Europe, a 30 day tour, and then it just snowballed. We toured 11 months straight. Then 2003 rolled around, we toured again. By the time 2004 hit I replaced Donald in the summer of 2004. He didn’t leave the band for any other reason than Obituary had obligations to fulfill with Roadrunner Records, they had one more album they had to start playing again. You know he’s still available and Andrew would still love to have Donald play if the circumstances were right. You know? If I wasn’t available or if Obituary was going to stop, which theyre not. So that was the situation wherelike your main question what kind of transition and stuff you know at first I didn’t do anything as far as the sound checks. But as the years went on I got more comfortable with the songs and started just doing sound checks and Donald didn’t have to come he would just have to come and and do the show basically. So you know for 2 and half years I knew all the material so that was a no brainer. And actually the first year we did ozz fest in 02’ and I had the opportunity to fill in for Donald once for ozz fest and then on a another tour he got sick and I had to fill in for him on an entire gig. And at that point Andrew was excited he had somebody that could fill in, in a pinch. Actually when the summer well it was a little bit before summer in May, April or May of 04’ we did a tour we actually started, half way through the tour we started setting up two drum sets. We had two drummers for a period of 20 or more shows. And it’s kind of funny because I’ve read stuff where people thought oh well this is the training, that this new drummer has to go through to get the gig and you know that wasn’t the case. I read a lot of flack and negativity and this and that. But to be honest with you, I don’t know have you interviewed Andrew much?

No I haven’t, I haven’t interviewed him yet. I plan on it but no I haven’t

Well this may change and this may not come up in his interviews but this is definitely something he’s conveyed to us band guys over the years. He’s had a vision to have two full bands on stage at one time performing his music. And actually having the two drummers was a step in that direction and he was thankful for the times that we did that, it was like a piece of Andrew WK history. And you can actually see some of that on the Who Knows? video, the DVD.

Yea, yea I remember definitely seeing like photos and videos of both you and Donald. It was Donald drumming too right or was it another drummer?

No no, it was Donald. Him and I have been the only two drummers. Besides Andrew himself. Andrew’s a phenomenal drummer, a lot of people don’t even know.

Yea, I know he does a lot of his own instruments. That’s really fascinating to think that hopefully one day two bands will be playing on stage. That will be super cool to see live. That would just be an incredible show. I mean the live shows are already have so much energy in them. And having two bands on stage at once would be insane. Technically is that pretty hard to do?

I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s ever been done. Other than I’m sure it’s been done at some of these big concerts like with Eric Clapton you know where there doing uh some kind of benefit concert where there’s a couple drummers up there and there’s 8 or 10 guitar players running around (laugh). So those kind of things are feasible but can any one artists afford to take 10 or 12 people out on the road? Well you can if your selling and you have number one hits. It’s hard to say these days with the music business. One of my favorite bands is an R&B funk band called Power of Power, you know that’s a ten piece band. There’s a five piece horn section and 5 piece band. So a tour with that many members it’s possible. You know like Parlament Funkadelic they tour with 10-15 members on stage. It just depends if you can survive out there.

Yea I could see how that would be costly.

I’m not putting it down; the genre, the music industry, or the music business but it’s not all like the movie “Rock Star” that’s what people always think, have you seen that? With Marky Mark?

Yea, yea

You know especially like my family members they see that movie and they go “oh wow, it must be great” well it is but it’s not like that movie I’ll tell you that much.

Andrew, he’s a drummer himself. I heard he’s kind of particular about the way his music sounds and the way he wants things played did he give you any special instructions in how he wanted you to drum?

Yea he did and he also gives you some freedom as well, so mainly he wants you to play the songs like they are on the record. Which was kind of hard for me to, it wasn’t like when I started playing I wasn’t hearing the music for the first time learning it from the record. To be honest I didn’t have much listening to the albums cause I basically hooked up with the band we started rehearsals and we started touring. Sofor me hearing the band, I really heard what Donald played every night, for hundreds of shows. At that point it didn’t matter what the record was like, I knew these songs as they were played live, and the songs are different live from the album too. So that’s the thing there would be extended versions of songs and different things or so basically Andrew had a few specific things he wants to hear. I’m a totally different drummer then Donald as far as my style so he was happy to have that, so I mean I was basically taking Andrew’s ideas from I Get Wet and The Wolf albums and taking Donalds ideas from the live shows and combining those drum parts and putting my style over top of it, and not changing anything it’s like any drummer that gets a gig with a band that maybe rotates members or something. We have a certain freedom but we also have certain constraints. My drumming style comes from more of a jazz background.

Yea, that makes sense.. Some of the songs are naturally not going to work out the best live if you played them exactly the same as they were on the album, cool. I know you were credited on the Close Calls album for drumming and for obvious reasons, because you’re in the AWK band but did you have any involvement in actually recording that album or any other albums or recordings?

Yea, I played every song on Close Calls as far as, you know there’s other releases. I think the main close calls has 18 songs on it. And every song has drums, you know there’s a couple songs like the first two a couple little speaking things but the only song I didn’t play drums on was “Slam John Against A Brick Wall” so the rest of the album I’m playing and actually that album was the first album he used band members on. So all the other guys are on there as well. There is one song on Mother of Mankind called Vagabond or it might be titled I’m a Vagabond we all played on that as well. And I recorded some other songs with him that didn’t make the release so I basically spent 6 days in the studio with him and tracked about 18 or 20 songs.

Wow so it was recorded pretty quickly.

Yea, yea I think that was February of 06’ is when we recorded that.

So some of the tracks didn’t make it on huh?

Yea some of the stuff didn’t make it and I couldn’t even tell ya what songs they were (forgot) well I think a lot of them were actually on Mother of Mankind but he didn’t use the tracks, he went ahead with his own tracks on some of the songs. You know cause when you demo songs especially Andrew he plays all the instruments you know? And for whatever reason it could of been time or quality or you name it you know?

So what did you think of the music, I know you said you had a jazz background in drumming and everything, but what did you personally think of the music upon becoming a drum tech or actually then becoming the drummer?

Well um it was definitely a new sound for me and I really enjoyed it. At that time I think, going back to 2001 I was playing drums in a Country band and then it was kinda like “hey I’m quitting your band to go on the road to be a road-y” and they all looked at me crossed eyed like “are you serious?” cause you know any musician wants to continue playing they don’t want to sit on the sidelines, it’s like being a football player and never getting put in there. It was a big step because it was almost like joining up with a group and touring and not playing drums for two and a half years, you know what I mean? When I was doing line check for the sound-man you know you’re hitting the base drum and then the snare you don’t get to play and then get to practice so you know over the course of time I kind of lost, not really lost skills but you know I basically had a couple of years where I didn’t play. It was different. But the music I was playing before that I was playing a lot of blues music too and a lot of the blues drumming, some of the drum patterns like I’ll refer to where the bass drum is played on every quarter note we call that four on the floor. And it’s real similar to dance drumming such as a lot of Andrew’s songs were. It’s four on the floor throughout 90% of the songs. So for me like hearing that and playing that it came a little more natural to me cause I was used to that you know? I kinda knew from Donald that eventually that was going to have to leave and put Obituary back on the road but I didn’t know 100% that I would be the one getting the gig but I knew in my heard that I would be perfect for the gig. So with that in mind I learned the material and I was able to fill in like I told you earlier a couple times in with no rehearsals and just play the gigs. Those could of been my audition times cause I think until I had to fill in for Donald Andrew didn’t know I could play, I mean he knew he had musicians as techs but to what ability he had no idea. Like our guitar player Ken he was the guitar tech before he got the gig.

Ok yea, Ken Andrews?

Yea Ken Andrews. But the first two albums I really enjoy I get wet and The Wolf but I mean I guess I’m biased cause I like Close Calls the most maybe because I played on all the songs. The drumming is a little different, the drum beats are more like mo-town on speed. There kinda faster four on the floor where the snare is played at the same time, on the down beats so it’s really more like a mo-town record. There’s one song on there “Don’t Call Me Andy” I mean that’s kinda like a mo-town record but a lot of them, you know like I said, some of the songs on there have that up tempo mo-town drum groove, where especially live we play them live so theyre intense. Did you happen to catch us on warped tour Rich (me)? Did we play anywhere you saw us?

I didn’t I was in Denver at the time and so I had something else. And I was like going nuts that day cause I couldn’t make it, I was so frustrated. But I know you guys are doing like a cover song tour or something like that. So hopefully I’ll catch you that time.

No, well it’s not a cover, it’s a tour where were going to be playing Andrews music so I don’t know where you got the cover info.

Oh really? oh ok I heard that from Frank. I think that’s where I

I think that might of been what we were told until some more info came. It’s a Dos Equis Most Interesting Show In The World tour and you can Google it, and it’s already getting started to get promoted just Google Dos Equis most interesting show andrew wk and that will give you an idea and you can actually see some of the previous tours, this is the third year running. I’m guessing until we actually see the run down that were playing 6-8 songs throughout the course of the night. It’s a one hour show like a variety act like a Las Vegas type of Circus O Lay kind of show where theres magicians, illusionists, or dancers. I really don’t know the script and sketches yet until we get up to rehears in a few days but it’s going to be fun!

Well that’s good news to me cause I rather listen to Andrew W.K. songs then you guys covering songs, rock songs, or whatever, so good news!

Yea I could only imagine we may play something else like during a magic act or something we might even be doing some improv stuff but I don’t think we’re going to be playing white snake songs or anything like that (laughs). So it won’t be a cover band gig.

Ok cool! Going back to Close Calls I know a lot of the songs, especially on warped tour, a lot of the Close Calls songs werent played but you did do some Close Calls shows in Asia, what was your experience with that, playing those shows & songs live compared to playing I Get Wet and The Wolf songs?

It was a nice variety. Actually on warped tour we played “You Will Remember Tonight” so that was part of our set, I think the Warped Tour set was pretty much all I Get Wet with the You Will Remember Tonight song and We Want Fun which was not on any album just a solo thing but the Asia stuff we did there’s some Youtube stuff out there.  We kind of took a chance with some of the stuff we did. I think we did Pushing Drugs, I Wanna See You Go Wild, Into The Clear, Slam John Against a Brick Wall, which is great to play live in the band, The Moving Room, now rich, do you like Close Calls?

Yea I love it!

I mean obvious you like everything Andrew does (laugh). Now for me that’s one of the best songs all together, The Moving Room is just phenomenal.

Oh yea I love that song.

So playing that one live was pretty killer. Oh, One Brother was another one we did, that’s a pretty cool song.

Yea I’m looking forward to more shows where they play more of a variety of his whole discography.

Yea when we do a band tour again Im sure we’re gonna do more Close Calls songs, you know Vagabond is going to be a cool one live. I want to play When I’m High, and I don’t know if you’ve checked that out, that’s a drum song, the drums are all over the place, it’s phenomenal. That one and Into The Clear, like when we were in the studio tracking it, I just kind of went for it and the guys were like “alright that sounds great!” (laugh).

Yea I love Close Calls, I think it’s really underestimated actually.

Yea there’s some people that dog it but their eyes aren’t opened or their ears aren’t opened.

So what’s the most memorable show you’ve ever played?

Probably, well theres a couple of them, one is um I think we did the Summer Sonic in 06 in Tokyo was the last show we did and that was pretty cool. We must of played it could of been 20,000 people out there. And what was so cool about it, we were somewhere in the middle during the day and there’s a lot of stages. I think the big head-liner for that day was Lincoln Park or somebody but the stage we were on was inside and I think the headliner I think was Tool. But we packed that room, no other band that day had the audience that we had in that room. So it was kind of like, it was the coolest to know that we had a bigger draw then like AFI and Tool and all these other bands that were on the stage that day. The other one was actually in 04 or 05, we did a show in Taiwan and it was a double drumming show, both Donald and I and we were on the beach and we were setting up during the day and we see one or ten or twenty mosey onto the stage and there would be a few more hundred, then a couple thousand, we weren’t the headliner that night but we were band before the headliner, well by the time we went on we must of played for 50,000 people. It was phenomenal so that was one of the most memorable ones as well.

Is that the one on the Who Knows DVD, it kind of starts the DVD that way?

I think so there’s a lot of wind, it was like three days after that typhoon over there and there was still a lot of after effects so it was pretty crazy.

I don’t know if you know this but the Japanese version of that DVD has that whole show on it I think, if we’re talking about the same one.

What DVD now? The Who Knows DVD?

Well there’s an American Who Knows DVD and then theres a Japanese version and it has like that whole 45 minute show on it, as the bonus footage.

Yea i didn’t know that! I never tried to play the Japanese version because of the format difference. I was told you could probably play it in a computer but you can only change the format once or twice until it changes it completely I don’t know. How are you able to play that? Do you have something special?

Um well kinda, I just have a software that I rips DVDs, I backup-ed the DVD, and when I copied it you can de-authorize the region on it and it was just some software somebody told me about, then I was able to watch it. It was pretty cool though.

I’m not familiar with that stuff maybe you could burn it, with Andrews permission, actually yea that would be cool cause I would love to see that stuff.

Yea it’s a cool show.

We had Big Daddy with us are you familiar with Big Daddy?

Yea, Big Daddy!

Yea he was like the announcer, he actually came out at the Taiwain show and did a little backing vocals and stuff. He’s cool. Andrew let the tech’s get involved a lot, we had guitar tech’s that came out and sang backing vocals here and there so that was pretty fun. There was another guitar player that you might not be aware of that played that Taiwan show cause Ken wasn’t available. So if you watched it he was the guy wearing the Orlando Magic T Shirt.

Is his name John Sutton?

John Sutton, yea!

Yea, I don’t know a lot about him but Frank kinda gave me the heads up that he was in the band temporarily.

This one was sent in from a fan, he asks “Do you have any crazy stories from being on the road?”

There was a time when I got food poisoning, I remember it happened on a day off and buying some fried chicken out of the deli section of a grocery store in the middle of no where and actually I ate it, Donald ate it, and Gregg ate it, and I was a tech at the time. Well it affected me and I got sick and I had  projectile vomit and diarrhea. We had a gig the next day and I think I stayed in a hotel and basically just sipped on vitamin water until I was nursed back to health.

And I think the next day we had another show, this is when Donald and Gregg who also ate the chicken, they were sick. They couldn’t do the show either so that’s when I filled in on drums and John Sutton filled in on bass. Cause he was our tech he had to learn that song that day (?) where I was kinda like pre-ready for it. So that’s like a memorable bad time but gone good. I got to play the gig you know?

So you played it even though you had the food poisoning?

I felt better, I had it the full day prior to be nursed back to health with vitamin water. Yea I was still a little under the weather but not as bad as Gregg and Donald like I was feeling it the day before.

Good thing food poisoning only lasts a day or two and then it’s hopefully gone.

Yea you got to flush it out of your system. You know that question, that’s a good question to whoever sent it in, but to be honest with you there are so many good memories man, it could take a long time to explain them all, I’ll just give a quick run-down. The very first show, we did Dublin Ireland, we were walking around the dressing rooms and the first guy, Rock Star, I came across was Joe Eliot from Def Leopard and he’s like looking for Andrew cause he had got a copy of the album or something and was a big fan, you know so I held the door open for him and he was like “Cheers mate!” and I’m like I didn’t know what “Cheers mate!” meant, I’m like I don’t have a drink in my hand we’re not “Cheers-ing” anything. I had never been to Europe and I didn’t know that really what he was saying was “Thank you”. So I mean stuff like that was cool and to walk up on the bus and see Kerry King from Slayer sitting on our bus, or everything that happened the first year of touring, we did SNL, we did Conan O’Brien twice, I think we did the Carson Daily show, I mean all those things were surreal, nothing that I ever expected out of a music teacher when I was 16 starting to play drums or 13 learning to play drums that I would be around these people or on these TV shows sitting on the sidelines. So there’s a lot of cool things, so that was a good question.

Definitely, well those were good answers. This is also another one that was sent in. I think this comes from “Indiana”, “Have you noticed much a difference with Andrew and with the state of the band when you guys were on a major label and now that you aren’t?”.

Uh, not really. All I can think of as far as the major label stuff, I was never really as a tech in the know with whats going on with a lot of that stuff. You know Andrew is still pretty much the same guy from day one, I mean the first year on the road was a difficult period for a lot of us that hadn’t toured before and a lot of personalities clashing or getting along. It took awhile to get use to people so it may have taken a good awhile like a good year, not to get use to Andrew but to just figure him out. Cause the first couple of years we had the same band members and all the same crew. And we were kinda like, I don’t want to say very segregated as far as band and crew but we definitely had six or seven guys operating on one schedule and six or seven guys operating on another schedule, so stuff like that. We didn’t spend a lot of time together. The very first tour he had a keyboard player named Jeff Victor so we actually had 7 in the band and 8 in the crew. So you go on your first tour with 15 people and a lot of them you don’t know and you’re still getting to know them and then the tour ends. Then we went on the next thing, we didn’t have Jeff Victor, we didn’t end up taking a lighting guy, so then we had less crew members. Then you tour without a monitor guy so then you have one more less crew members. Over time we actually started, us other crew guys, we started pulling the weight of the other guys and then it eventually got to where Ken and myself who were techs, when we became band members we didn’t have techs, we still set up our own equipment and were still loading in and loading out the trucks with the local stage hands and stuff so you know as far as if anything changing whether were on a major label or an independent label I never really saw, you know anything. As far as personalities changing? No. I really don’t have an answer for that other than, not much! I took a long time to get to that answer but sorry.

You know a lot of it between the times, you know a lot of the down times, was just waiting. Whether it was waiting for a label, or it didn’t really matter all that we knew we were just waiting to get the email saying “are you available for the next tour?”. That’s how it is with any hired musicians that are in a touring band. A lot of people don’t realize this isn’t six or seven people that formed a band together. Even though were the same guys, pretty much, I mean it’s almost a new band right now but you know were still the same guys out there touring, we’re hired musicians and it’s not like, no other band member contribute to the writing of the music or any of that. I mean we are a band but were not like high school bros that got together twice a week and wrote songs together.

How do you feel about the AWK community, kinda like the fans, the vibe, and kind of what it stand for and everything?

Well I think it’s a pretty fun and I think everybody I’ve met along the years has always had a positive attitude towards the music, and you know a lot of times you meet these kids and I’ll call them kids cause even if someones in there twenties and thirties and there younger then me I call them a kid, even the fans, generally you meet them after the gigs. And I think over the summer at Warped Tour after we would play I would kind of hang out at the merchandise and I was surprised to the amount of people that like would be able to recognize me maybe not by name but would be like “man that was a great show!” or this or that. So his fans are die-hard you know what I mean? There’s a small percentage of people that have either turned or when they say they don’t like something and then they stop listening to him. But that’s with anything so, to be honest with you I wish we could start all over again like 2002 and tour 11 months straight like we did the first year, cause that would be cool.

I would think that would be cool too.

And the fans are great! The shows are positive and energetic and that’s what we get out of the fans we give it back to them.

Cool! Thanks for your time! Lets do this again sometime!

No problem

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