Sep 122009
-10-21-09 – ADDED MUSIC: Birth Canal Blues STUDIO/LIVE by Current 93. Nick Inchausti’s track “andrew w.k.”. CCWBW Demo tracks updated
-10/13/09 – Again a TON more videos added!!! + a .torrent file of ALL the videos in DVD format.
-10/12/09 – MAJOR overhaul in the Video section. tear it up DVD added and TONS of awkshare archived videos uploaded!!!
-10/11/09 – CCWBW High Quality Rips of the Vinyl tracks have been uploaded 
-10/10/09 – “Tear It Up” single updated in discography
-10/8/09 – Enter the TIME MACHINE and view old AWKMusic websites
-10/6/09 – News Thread created for THIS site @ official forums
-10/6/09 – just realized what a great source imdb is for awk so i’ve added it to the links section to your left… or
-9/27/09 – is now up! another great source for awk content.
-9/24/09 – 1st part of Summer Sonic added & House of Blues concerts added
-9/20/09 – “Interview” & “Fan Remix” sections added under “discography”
-9/17/09 – Pic of AWK chatting with fans at forums login as “andrewwk” Here
-9/17/09 – RSS feeder added to news page.
-9/16/09 – Main page revamped, 55 Cadillac and Gundam Rock mp3’s removed.
– 7/28/09 – Andrew mentions us on Facebook and Twitter! Click Here for the pics
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