Sep 212010

This is an exclusive release from! This release doesnt really have a name, so Im going to give it one. CCWBW [Promo] V.2 is to be distinguished from a similar release often called Universal Music Publishing Group Presents Andrew W.K or as I would call it CCWBW [Promo]. That version came from readytodie and it looks like this:

CCWBW [Promo] V.2 is basically a second version which has never been heard before. What makes it special is that it has an exclusive and alternate version of the track Pushing Drugs on it. You could pretty much label the track a demo of the one that appears on the Close Calls album. The source that I bought it from said that he got it from his friend who runs a record company. So Im just assuming these were sent out to various record companies for free as a promo. I have no idea how many were made but Im assuming not a lot since this is the first and only one Ive seen, excluding version number 1. Here is the run down of the tracks:

  1. I Want To See You (alternate from album, same as the 1st UMPG)
  2. Pushing Drugs Exclusive to this Promo
  3. Vagabond (alternate from album, same as the 1st UMPG)
  4. You Will Remember Tonight (alternate from album, same as the 1st UMPG)

(click on the picture to download the promo)


 Posted by on September 21, 2010