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Have you been to our interview archives? If not check it out and you’ll find 16 hours of NEW AWK interviews. For no particular reason the following interviews have been archived. If you follow Andrew W.K. much you’ll quickly learn that he does interviews with EVERYBODY, ALL OF THE TIME! It would be impossible to get them all but this will keep you busy. Enjoy!

Andrew W.K. Interviews:

AWKShare.com Interviews
AWK VS Nardwuar 2002
BBC – OCT 2001
Empyre Lounge Interview
Mancow Interviews Andrew WK
Manlyoracle – Full Interview
Rockline Full Show Interview
WFMU – 05-01-02
WMSC 90.3 10-24-03
AndrewWKMusic.com Archive
Alien World Radio Interview
AWK VS Nardwuar Round 2 – 2007
Aural Fixation with Reverend Beastly & DJ Robo Robin – 12-23-2008
CFRE Radio – 8-24-10
East Villiage Radio 2/2/10
Kathy Griffin dissing Andrew WK on Howard Stern
Late Night Noise Interview 3-8-2010
nc_seventeen (Hunter Daniels) and Andrew WK
PalTalk News Talk Interview 5-24-2007
The Sound of Young America – The College Years – A Doozy – Maximumfun.org
The Sound of Young America (Maximum Fun.org) 07-02-02
Steve Jones Interview 4-3-06
University Pulse 6-9-10
WFMU – The Brotherhood Of The Beast – Columbus OH 2009
WMUC College Park Radio 88.1FM – A Young Persons Guide To Corruption 04-07-2010
WRCT 88.3 – Aural Fixation with Reverend Beastly & DJ Robo Robin – 12-23-2008
1019 RXP Radio – Anything Anything With Rich Russo 2-28-10
510 Radio
91X Morning Show with Mat Diablo 12-9-09
96.5 The Buzz
Me+You 1 Full
Me+You 2 Full